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(adj) (Britain, in relation to a vehicle) On the side nearest to the kerb (the left-hand side if one drives on the left).

(adj) (dated) Next to the driver, when he is on foot; (US) on the left of an animal or a team.

(adj) (now rare) Stingy; parsimonious.

(adj) (obsolete) Immediate; direct; close; short.

(adj) (programming, not comparable) Within the currently selected segment in a segmented memory architecture.


(adj) (archaic, poetic) near, close by

(v) (transitive, intransitive) to draw nigh (to); to approach; to come near

(n) A surname.

(adv) Almost, nearly.

(adj) Not remote in degree, kindred, circumstances, etc.; closely allied; intimate.


(adv) Almost, nearly.


(n) (informal) Something or someone that doesn't quite make it.

(adv) (mathematics) Up to, except for a negligible set (where negligible is not universally but contextually defined).

(adv) (measure theory, probability theory) Up to a null set; except for a set of measure 0.

(adv) Very close to, but not quite.


(adv) (algebra) Of a substructure of finite index.

(adv) (topology) Of a covering space of finite index.

(adv) Almost but not quite.

(adv) By computer or in cyberspace

(adv) In essence, but not in fact.

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