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(n) (Australian rules football) A disposal of the ball during a game, i.e. a kick or a handball.

(n) (bell-ringing) A set of changes less than the total possible on seven bells, i.e. less than 5,040.

(n) (music) The particular or characteristic mode of action, or the resistance of the keys of an instrument to the fingers.

(n) (obsolete) A brief essay.

(n) (obsolete) A touchstone; hence, stone of the sort used for touchstone.


(n) (boxing) The distance a boxer's arm can extend to land a blow.

(n) (informal) An exaggeration; an extension beyond evidence or normal; a stretch.

(n) (nautical) A stretch of a watercourse which can be sailed in one reach (in the previous sense). An extended portion of water; a stretch; a straightish portion of a stream, river, or arm of the sea extending up into the land, as from one turn to another. By extension, the adjacent land.

(n) (nautical) Any point of sail in which the wind comes from the side of a vessel, excluding close-hauled.

(n) (nautical) The distance traversed between tacks.


(n) An impingement.

get hold of

(v) (transitive) To contact (a person).

(v) (transitive) To control or stabilize (oneself).

(v) (transitive) To obtain.

(v) (transitive) To pick up or grab.


(n) The act by which something strikes or is struck.

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